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  • police car

    Europol Calls for Crackdown on Physical ATM Attacks

    Europol, the European Union’s police agency, is calling for a clampdown across the continent to tackle attacks by criminal gangs…

  • armor

    ATM Physical Attacks: Why Armor Isn’t Enough

    “One approach to the problem of physical attacks has been to harden the ATM. However, deployers have found to their dismay that…

  • a timeless princess

    A Timeless Princess (A New Musical)

    July 11–14, 18–21 at Mamiya Theatre Tickets available at OVERVIEW The year is 2011. U.S. Marine Sergeant James Landsfield…

  • bitcoin

    Cryptocurrency Kiosks Integrated Across 12 Stores in New Jersey

    XRP is once again on hottest bulletins of adoption – one of the USA cryptocurrency kiosks company, BelcoBTM announces the…

  • 2019 Chinese New Year Celebration in Waikiki

  • gourmet food

    Waikiki Dining Guide

    Whether you’re a tourist or just playing the tourist in Waikiki, use this Dining Guide to help you find the…

  • checklist

    Visa Account Funding Transaction Processing Guide Updated

    Visa has updated the Visa Account Funding Transaction (AFT) Processing Guide. Clients and their partners that originate or receive AFTs…

  • apothecary

    High Brand Risk Merchant Registration Enforcement Campaign

    In advance of an upcoming enforcement campaign, Visa urges acquirers to review their portfolios to ensure High Brand Risk merchants…

  • Visa Animation

    Visa Sensory Branding Introduced

    Visa Sensory Branding elements consisting of the Visa brand animation, the Visa brand sound and the Visa brand haptic are…

  • Code

    Issuer Best Practices for Chip Transaction Authorization

    Visa reminds issuers to use the online card authentication result values in their authorization decisions, and to decline high-risk transactions…