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  • cash

    Consumers Still Favor Cash Access

    Despite a growing trend toward cashless payments, a J.D. Power Pulse survey shows consumers still want flexibility, as 78% of…

  • money

    Cash Won’t Die in America – It’s Too Darn Convenient

    Cash is still king when it comes to buying things like a cup of coffee, pack of gum or a pint…

  • cash

    What Visa and Mastercard don’t want you to know about cash

    Cash has always been the fastest way to pay for me. Why? First, I can do mental arithmetic, so adding…

  • ATM

    What’s the Future of the ATM Industry?

    Consumers are paying less frequently with cash and credit cards but still want to see more ATMs deployed, according to…

  • Cash Use Plummets Across UK

    Once upon a time, cash was the preferred way to pay for things, but now it’s viewed as awkward, clumsy…

  • atm pad

    5 ATM Statistics and What They Mean

    It’s no secret that the digital transformation has affected many things, including banking. As transactions and payments have shifted to…

  • police car

    Europol Calls for Crackdown on Physical ATM Attacks

    Europol, the European Union’s police agency, is calling for a clampdown across the continent to tackle attacks by criminal gangs…

  • armor

    ATM Physical Attacks: Why Armor Isn’t Enough

    “One approach to the problem of physical attacks has been to harden the ATM. However, deployers have found to their dismay that…

  • a timeless princess

    A Timeless Princess (A New Musical)

    July 11–14, 18–21 at Mamiya Theatre Tickets available at OVERVIEW The year is 2011. U.S. Marine Sergeant James Landsfield…

  • bitcoin

    Cryptocurrency Kiosks Integrated Across 12 Stores in New Jersey

    XRP is once again on hottest bulletins of adoption – one of the USA cryptocurrency kiosks company, BelcoBTM announces the…