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Why buy a single ATM for $30,000 and pay $350 a month to service it?

ATM Pacific has a program that cost less than the service contract for an NCR or Diebold ATM without the paying $35,000. You save $35,000.00 per ATM install.

What You May Not Know

  • ADA compliance is mandatory
  • All ATMs must be fully compliant no later than March 15, 2012
  • Many ATMs are not prepared for voice guidance today and will require upgrades or replacements
  • ADA compliance extends beyond voice guidance requirements with regulations impacting numeric PIN pad design, function key visibility, transaction screen readability, Braille requirements and physical ATM accessibility

Opportunities for Enhanced Financial Services

As older ATMs that do not meet ADA guidelines are replaced, there is an opportunity to move to a new generation of affordable and economical functioning ATMs that will save you thousands in equipment and monthly service contract. We have certified technicians that produce service results.

The Fastest Service in Hawaii

We have tri-party agreements in place with our vault cash and armored providers. This means undeniable fast and precise service. With no “vendor meets” to wait for, we detect and service our ATMs many times within the hour.

Solutions to ADA Compliance



ATM Pacific provides full-service solutions to fill your ADA compliance needs.

  • ATM Managed Service: ATM Pacific can take on the operation of your ATMs through our ATM Managed Service software – Morphis. We will handle the transaction processing, cash replenishment, communication, service and maintenance needs of your ATMs and can even supply new ATM hardware without any capital outlays on your part.
  • ATM Branding: Why upgrade or replace your off-premise ATM fleet when ATM Pacific can offer you all of the advantages of a new and fully customized ATM with none of the hassle and at a fraction of the expense? When you place your brand on an ATM Pacific-owned ATM, the ATMs will act like your own, featuring your branding, transaction screens and receipt messaging. Expand your network or replace your existing off-premise ATMs with a more robust and less expensive alternative.
  • ATM Institutional Sales: We are certified to repair many models of the NCR and Diebold ATMs. we also sell Nautilus Hyosung and
  • Distributors: We are Raminator ( We sell Nautilus Hyosung (

ATM Pacific Becomes Your Trusted Partner

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Helpful Information About ADA Compliance

The following links provide an overview of ADA requirements for ATMs:

You can learn more about the U.S. Department of Justice Americans with Disabilities Act here.

The Revised ADA Regulations Implementing Title II and Title III are available here.

The U.S. Department of Justice also provided 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design which are available here.

Download the 2010 standards document in PDF format here.

The content of these links is not owned or controlled by ATM Pacific and ATM Pacific makes no statement as to the quality or applicability of the information provided at these unaffiliated sites.

Why ATM Pacific?

  • We are Hawaii’s only independent financial ATM corporation service provider
  • We custom design ATM cabinets made for and in Hawaii
  • We pay the highest possible revenue share
  • We exclusively monitor and service our ATMs
  • We are 100% A.D.A. compliant
  • We are 100% TripleDES compliant
  • We are 100% EMV scheduled compliant
  • We offer free ZEM Media advertising
  • We assist in all coupon and receipt promotional advertising
  • We offer real-time online reporting

And most importantly…

Other mainland ATM companies are not registered to do business or allowed to place ATMs in Hawaii and if caught, the tax consequences may affect your business…Is your ATM company registered to do business in Hawaii? check here

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